Thursday, March 3, 2011


My origional concept was easy and minimal. The Motor with an adjustable speed control would be the drive system for the turntable. It was suppose to be direct drive. However...there is an issue with torque. I intended to use a stepper motor, which would work perfectly to provide the exact speed and and torque needed. This would require other...electronics which would just be too expensive for production. I would have liked to make it to my ideal specifications, but this route would lead to a slightly more expensive turntable. It would also take longer too build. There are 3 things that I needed to change to keep costs down. Sadly, the needle is one of those things.

I will be replacing the needle with a standard reader (which make it easier for anyone to build for a DIY project). The original needle was just designed from scratch. I would like to keep that aspect true to itself, but i cannot build this technology with my limitations...(yet).

The motor will no longer be a direct drive stepper motor with adjustable speed controls, as i had to change those mechanics for easier production. To reduce the speed of the motor I had to go with a more mechanical route and an electrical one.

Power and Controls will also change.. the power had some issues in the sense that,to create what i wanted, it would require circuitry, extra components and engineering. That's the easy part... having to fit under budget was the hard part. This is where you come in. For power, i will be using a 6 VDC 800 MA WALL TRANSFORMER for power. As for the controls.. they are pretty much staying the same. On/Of button. Since there is an issue with cost of flat speakers, I will be getting rid of them all together. Don't worry You will still be able to DIY if you choose... but for now, the volume control will be either changed to speed control, or removed altogether.

Here are a view pictures during brainstorming process.

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