Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Problem and Solution

As always with development...We encounter an obstacle. The basic design has not changed much... The only visible change is the platter. Many have stated concerns to the stability of the record. I came up with 3 wonderful solutions...all of which are costly and mechanically complicated. The difficult part is making a frame for my DIY friends who are interesting in modifying the design to meet there needs. So if everything seems solved, then what's the problem.

1-The motor, having the perfect motor required me to come up with a circuit control board and amp. Which worked but does not fit in the design, and to do so isn't cheap. I have to use another motor (which is hard to find)

2-The Platter, Leaving the design the way it was required a locking mechanism which added much more weight, which the motor couldn't handle and over time, could possibly warp the record. but works.

3-The Needle- is biggest and most expensive problem of them all. Needles are costly, they are also not engineered in the the way my concept is. So I had to opt out for a simpler solution.

So what does this mean? Nothing... I just found what doesn't work and now I can move on.

The motor issue was solved by adding a clear platter, so that's two birds right there. The needle is your standard everyday replaceable needle, Just glorified the Generic.

So no problems then? Only manufacturing... of course this cost money which I need funding for. This is where you come in.

Thank you for the support so far. I intend to post videos soon of a working prototype. I am aiming for two weeks.

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